Saturday, February 21, 2015

How do you join the conversation? is great in that it's a stream of blog posts around a specific technology. Since I, like many of you, blog about other technologies too, I'd like to learn from you about other conversation streams. For me personally, the list of topics include:

  • Web development (JavaScript, CSS, etc)
  • Lifehacks
  • Unix, Linux, shell scripting
  • General tech / tech business
  • Database

I'll add what little knowledge I have on the topic:

There's reddit with corresponding subreddits on Unix and Perl. It looks like it's pretty routine to post blog entries on the Perl one at least, I'm not sure about the climate of other tech subreddits.

There are also subreddits for LifeProTips and Life Hacks. I've not yet participated in either, so again I'm not sure what the expectations are.

The Unix and Linux Forums, while not a "stream" of conversation, seems to be receptive to sharing ideas, and the people there are friendly and helpful.

And of course, Twitter with and without #perl and #unix hashtags. I say with or without as it seems like more popular bloggers, at least, don't bother with the hashtags. I'll also say that with or without the hashtags I haven't seen a lot of traffic coming from Twitter.

I'd appreciate anyone's advice, experience, or knowledge on this topic.



oylenshpeegul said...

I often look at Hacker News. It's a little too business-oriented for my tastes sometimes, but it's a good source of tech links. If you follow enough subreddits, you'll probably see many of the same links.

JohnW said...

Here's my reading list:

Chris's Wiki
Linux Journal
Coding Horror
Hacker News

Learning Perl
Intermediate Perl
Mastering Perl
Programming Perl
Windows Perl
The Effective Perler
Perl Hacks
Perl Tricks
Perl Weekly

Also weekly newsletters from (or perusing) Stack Exchange: